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Establishing price is the most important factor when selling your home, get it wrong and it could be sitting on the market for mores. Here at Dormee, we use SOLD properties to base our price as it gives us a realistic indication of what buyers are paying in the open market. We then factor in square footage/size, condition both internally and externally, décor, curb appeal and finally demand.

‘Price it right, it will sell over night! Price it wrong, it stays on too long’’


The aim of the game is to make your property the most desirable listing online which in turn, will attract more interest and viewings. You’ll be interested to know The laws of attraction applies to the property market and by using professional photography, it is said your property will gain 5 times more clicks on your online advert using professional photos. This is a MUST for anyone serious about selling!


In a recent study, over a third of buyers said that they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floorplan being advertised. It’s part of their online elimination process to narrow down what properties will be suitable, how the property will work for them and ultimately picture themselves living there. Remember, you’re not just selling your home, you’re selling a lifestyle so If you have no floorplan, you potentially loose over a third of buyers.


Video is reported to be 5 times more engaging than photography and content marketing. Yet another string to our bow to maximise your properties exposure! Therefore, if people find video 5 times more engaging, that’s how we will be marketing your property! We can develop a short but sweet video slideshow showing the imagery with professional voice over to really grab the viewers’ attention. We will use these slideshows in online marketing such as Rightmove & social media campaigns.


What is Passive Strategy? It’s the process in which you pick up the ‘Sunday drive out’ couple, or the nosy chap down the road. We ONLY hold block viewings on certain days (pre agreed by yourself when we are instructed) and our aim is to book in the serious, proceed-able buyers. However, we also pack out the block with the passive buyers that maybe are not proceed-able. Don’t fret… its all part of the plan. The more viewings booked in, the more of a competitive mind-set the buyers have, which from our experience, helps drive the price.

A ‘For Sale‘ or ‘Buy Me‘ board is paramount in creating that passive interest along with social media campaigns and local leaflet drops


Our direct strategy puts your property in the biggest shop window…

98% of property searches start online, so that’s exactly where we will market your property. The UK’s most popular property search engine, Rightmove, is currently the best place to get your property in front of thousands of potential buyers… but how do you make the most of Rightmove? Well, you stick it on top of every page you can in a bright stand out box! No matter what page buyers click through, your property will sit proudly at the top of the page. This will increase your click through rate by up to 3x.


Did you know… Tuesday & Wednesday are the busiest days of the week for Rightmove traffic?

It’s true! So why are agents listing them as soon as they get the description written!? We know from research you’re most likely to get maximum interest within the first 3 weeks. So let’s make the most of it! We ONLY list on MONDAY’S which enables us to make the most of our online presence on the lead up to our blocked viewings!

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